The Gerrard Woodbine Neighbourhood Association - GWNA - is a grassroots group strengthening and beautifying our already wonderful neighbourhood.

The 'I'm A Local' campaign 

This is our first initiative.  call centre solutions Membership cards are purchased by area residents entitling them to small promotions at local businesses.  Funds raised are used for beautification projects.  To learn more and to find out where you can purchase your card, please click on the membership icon to the left.

Other current projects: 
  • Deciding upon & completing beautification projects.
  • 'Naming the 'hood'
  • Providing community input into the new condominium building being erected at the South East corner of Gerrard & Woodbine by.
Future possible initiatives:
  • Anti-graffiti 'adopt-a-mailbox', 'adopt-a-street-corner' projects
  • Seeking out businesses to fill empty store fronts such as rotating farmers markets, etc.
  • Community dinners, residential garden competitions, a community garden, a tool share program ... no end of ideas!
GWNA is a grass roots, fluidly structured group.  You are welcome to join and contribute to any of the following.
  • Core working group:  This group led by Kate Tennier does some of the heavier lifting in the association and serves in an advisory capacity.
  • Specific Initiative Committees:  These revolve around the various initiatives listed above.
  • Foot Soldiers:  Needed when we send out an 'All Call' to get specific tasks done.  The first being the many, many volunteers who distributed fliers to the 30 streets in our catchment area.
  • Karan MacLaren is currently our treasurer. 
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